Indore To Sanchi By Car

We provide best Indore To Sanchi  By Car package. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, the Buddhist landmarks of Sanchi are one of the most established stone structures in India. Assigned a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Great Stupa was introduced in the third century BC by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan tradition. The figures and landmarks present at the site are a fine case of the advancement of Buddhist workmanship and engineering. The stupa sits on a slope in Sanchi, 46 km from the city of Bhopal.Sanchi is known for its antiquated Stupas, cloisters, the Ashoka Pillar, Toranas or luxurious doors with complicated carvings and different leftovers of the rich Buddhist culture which go back to the third century B. C. It is one of the most significant spots for Buddhist journey and explorers from around the globe visit this spot.

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Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 29° C (Avg)

Best Time : Jul – Mar

Ideal duration : 1 Days

How to Reach Sanchi?

  • Indore to Sanchi road distance is approx 250 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Sanchi from indore is approx 5 Hrs by road.
  • Sanchi has a good road network but does not have a viable rail or air connectivity.
  • The convenient, fastest and cheapest way to reach from Indore to Sanchi is to book a car package and enjoy tour.

Sanchi, The Land of Stupas

Sanchi is a small town arranged in the lower regions near to Bhopal, the capital of the Madhya Pradesh. This town is incredibly celebrated for being the site of endless Stupas, which house the relics of Lord Buddha. Given the fame of this verifiable marvel from the Mauryan Empire, it is astonishing to take note of that Sanchi was not visited by Lord Buddha once. Sanchi Stupa, worked in the Greco-Buddhist style, toward the finish of third century B.C., is presently a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, there is additionally Ashoka Pillar, aside from the Great Bowl, which merits visiting. So in case you’re into Mauryan history, remember to visit this site, in any event, for once.

Top Places To See In Sanchi


Ashok Pillar

Sanchi Stupa

Udayagiri Caves

Sanchi Museum

Ashok Stambh

Buddhist Vihara

The Eastern Gateway

The Great Bowl

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Day 1 : Start your day tour by visiting the real attractions of the city. Visit Sanchi Stupa: which is the great sight of Sanchi or rather you may watch the collection of stupas, towering above the countryside. It’s worth to visit here as it’s a unique heritage building and is recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO then visit. Do not miss to explore the Ashoka Pillar of the great Stupa which is next to the Southern Gateway and admired for its structural balance and fine architecture.

Day 2 : The Great Bowl: the Great Bowl or the Grand Gumbha is a large block of stone which was used to distribute food and other things to Buddhist Monks.

Visit The Eastern Gateway: Look at the beautiful Four Gate Ways of Sanchi that are featured by carvings and renders the vistas from the life of Buddha and Jatakas.