Indore To Mandsaur By Car

We provide best Indore To mandsaur By  Car package. Mandsaur or Mandsour is a city in the Malwa region and district of Madhya Pradesh state of central India. On the bank of river Shivna, sits the grand Pashupatinath Temple, in the holy and historic town of Mandsaur. The spiritual aura of the temple embraces the whole town. What also makes the town special is its treasure of archaeological sites. Believed to be in existence since the time of Mahabharata, Mandsaur resulted from the merger of two villages – Marh and Saur (or Dasaur). It has been ruled by a lot of prominent rulers of ancient as well as recent history.  It’s famous for the 8 faced Pashupati Shiv . The main industry here is the slate pencil industry.

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Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 32° C (Avg)

Best Time : July- Apr

Ideal duration : 1 Day

How to Reach Mandsaur ?

  • Indore to Mandsaur road distance is approx 230 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Mandsaur from Indore is approx 4-5 Hrs by road.
  • Mandsaur does not have any direct air transport. The nearest airport is Indore.

Mandsaur, Treasure of Archaeology

Mandsaur know for its treasure of archaeological sites. The famous Pashupatinath temple attract devotees in huge number every year. Mandsaur is considered as a town of historical, religious and natural significance. As per Hindu mythology, it is also believed that Mandsaur was the home of Ravana’s wife, Mandodari.  At Sondani are two great monolith pillars recording a victory of Yasodharman, king of Malwa, in 528.  The steamy air, hushed water, and tranquillity in the environment attracts a lot of travellers all year round. Town’s rich black soil is the reason behind the blooming of golden wheat and poppy flowers. Apart from its lush land, the place is also famed for being the largest producer of opium and natural slate pencils across the country.


Top Places To See In Mandsaur


Pashupatinath Temple

Bahi Parshvanath Temple

Buddhist Cave

Chaturbhuj Nala

Dashpur Fort

Gandhi Sagar Dam

Shree Khade Balaji

Teliya Tank

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Book a car and start your journey from Indore. Hinglanj Resort is the best option to plan a stay in Mandsaur. The calm property is situated near the Gandhi Sagar dam that gives a striking view of the Chambal River. Situated around 100 km from Mandsaur into the same hill, the beautiful rock-cut temple of Dharamrajeshwar (dedicated to Lord Shiva) and magnificent Buddhist caves are counted as one of the amazing ancient wonders to travel around the town.