Indore To Chidiya Bhadak By Car

We provide the best Indore To Chidiya Bhadak By Car package. Located some 60 kilometres away from the city of Indore, Chidiya Bhadak waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights to see in the region. Ornamented with rich greenery that encompasses it, the sputtering stream of the cascade makes excellent view that merits an attempt to catch, both, in your cameras and recollections. you will begin trekking through the wonderful environs and will see the spot as involved by an extraordinary number of types of widely varied vegetation. You will particularly find a workable pace number of uncommon winged creatures before arriving at the site, adding to the characteristic magnificence of the experience. You can even wash in the perfectly clear, cool water at Chidiya Bhadak as the pool is shallow and a joy to take a gander at. Since this picturesque site isn’t so-known even to local people and is a long way from being popularized, you can go through certain minutes loaded with quiet and calm here with your gathering.


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Chidiya Bhadak, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 27° C (Avg)

Best Time : July- Nov

Ideal duration : 1 Day

How to Reach Chidiya Bhadak ?

  • Indore to Chidiya Bhadak road distance is approx 60 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Chidiya Bhadak from Indore is approx 2 Hrs by road.
  • Chidiya Bhadak is a waterfall located near Indore and does not have any railway and bus connectivity or an air transport of its own. Best way to reach is book a car package.

Chidiya Bhadak, Beauty of Nature

For the excitement of exploring the unexplored, Chidiya Bhadak Fall deserves to be on everyone’s bucket list. Ornamented with lush greenery that surrounds it, the gurgling stream of the waterfall creates beautiful scenery that is worth a try to capture, both, in your cameras and memories. You will especially get to see a number of rare birds before reaching the site, adding to the natural beauty of the experience. You can even bathe in the crystal clear, cool water at Chidiya Bhadak as the pool is shallow and a delight to look at. The very nature of this trek is to witness the unseen, and that is the spirit that will guide you as you take on the amazing experience of trekking through the beautiful valley to reach the waterfalls. At the end of the downhill trek, the sight of the waterfall will be refreshing enough, but the chance to take a dip in the pool below will be the highlight of the trek. Throughout the trek, both downhill and uphill, you will also get to see a lot of beautiful bird species.

Top Places To See In Chidiya Bhadak


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You can take any road transport to reach the Khandwa Road, and then keep going straight till the Shani Temple. From here on, a straight way will take you to the spot where you ditch the vehicle and trek for about a couple of kilometres to reach the waterfall. The trek begins, with the initial portion being a steep descent and the rest a gradual downhill trail. You will enjoy the view of the valley with the waterfall roaring beside you.