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We Provide best Indore To Burhanpur By Car package. Place of extreme historical importance in the state of Madhya Pradesh is the town of Burhanpur. Burhanpur is based on the banks of the Tapti River in Madhya Pradesh. The most interesting piece of trivia would be that Mumtaz Begum, the reason why the Taj Mahal was built, died in Burhanpur while giving birth to her fourteenth child. The Queen who immortalized love was buried here for the next 23 years waiting the completion of her famed tomb in Agra. It is located in south-west of Madhya Pradesh state in Central India. This town has a lot of history to it. Burhanpur is also blessed with an amazing water supply system that was developed during the Mughal rule. All in all, a must visit place for tourists who love discovering about our past.

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Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 35° C (Avg)

Best Time : Oct – Mar

Ideal duration : 1 Day

How to Reach Burhanpur ?

  • Indore to Burhanpur road distance is approx 180Kms.
  • Time required to reach Burhanpur from Indore is approx 4-5 Hrs by road.
  • No direct flight connectivity  to Burhanpur. The nearest airport is Indore airport.

Burhanpur, The Grave of Mumtaz

Nicknamed so for being the place where Shah Jahan’s favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, died of childbirth implications, Burhanpur is a historical wonder situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from being a significant city in the Mughal Empire, Burhanpur is also notorious for being the place, where Mumtaz Mahal had breathed her last and then embalmed for 23 years before she was finally laid to rest in the famous tomb of Taj Mahal. However, Burhanpur is more than just being the death place of Mumtaz Mahal. it’s a golden mine of Mughal history, which allures interested history lovers and students towards this place, where they can discover their past.


Top Places To See In Burhanpur


Asirgarh Fort

Jama Masjid


Zenana Hammam

Shahi Qila

Hakimi Garden

Royal Bath

Shah Jahan Hunting


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Day 1 – Reach Burhanpur, preferably by noon and take some rest. In the evening, you can go to the main market for a stroll, especially where you can buy precious curios and souvenirs, that you can take home for your families.

Day 2 – The 2nd day should be the ideal time for starting your trip through Burhanpur, You should begin ideally with Jama Masjid, the astounding creation of architecture, not very far from Asirgarh Fort, a favourite tourist hotspot.

Day 3 – This day can be reserved for a visit to the ruins of Shahi Qila, or if you prefer, go for the Dargah e Hakimi, a popular spiritual cum tourist hotspot.