Indore To Bhimbetka By Car

We provide the best Indore To Bhimbetka By Car package. The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological plade. Find probably the most punctual proof of human life on earth when you visit the stone sanctuaries in Bhimbetka. The spot is a decent excursion spot for vacationers of all age gatherings and interests and highlights numerous memorable destinations for investigation. Encompassed by rough timberlands, Bhimbetka is an extraordinary spot to esteem an archeological fortune of India situated in the province of Madhya Pradesh.  Bhimbetka is home to more than 500 rock shelters and caves which have a large number of paintings. The colors used are vegetable colors which have endured through time because the drawings were generally made deep inside a niche or on inner walls. The world legacy site is home to various old artistic creations that are viewed as over 30,000 years of age.

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Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 32° C (Avg)

Best Time : Oct- Apr

Ideal duration : 1 Day

How to Reach Bhimbetka ?

  • Indore to Bhimbetka road distance is approx 260 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Bhimbetka from Indore is approx 5-6 Hrs by road.
  • Bhimbetka is a small town and hence does not have an airport or a railway junction of its own.
  • Booking a cab for a day would be the best way to visit Bhimbetka.

Bhimbetka, A ‘Cave’ Heaven

Named so for the wide range of caves, which encapsulate almost the entire Indian history, from the ages of early man to the time of the Mughals, Bhimbetka is a range of caves, situated not very far away from Sanchi and Bhopal, in Vidisha district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Well known for its beautiful cave paintings, the oldest ones of which are more than 30000 years old, and the latest ones dating back to as recent as the late Mughal period, Bhimbetka is a must visit for tourists of all breeds and all ages. Bhimbetka is also well connected to two more historic sites, the towns of Bhojpur & Hoshangabad, which are a proud witness to the empires of Raja Bhoja & Hoshang Shah of Malwa.

Top Places To See In Bhimbetka


The Rock Caves




Zoo Rock

Turtle Rock

Painting In Caves

Trek To Caves

Rock Shelter


Booking a cab for a day would be the best way to visit Bhimbetka. Go to Bhojpur Temple (on bhopal road) early morning. After visiting the temple you can have breakfast at Highway Treat (it will come on the way from Bhojpur to Bhimbetka) and then go to Bhimbetka. It will take approximately 1-2 hours to visit the caves and rock shelters.