Indore To Bhedaghat By car

We provide the best Indore To Bhedaghat By Car package. Additionally viewed as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, this community has gained notoriety for the 100 feet shakes on either sides of Narmada in India, however the whole way across the world. Bhedaghat is in nearness of one of the significant urban communities of Madhya Pradesh of Jabalpur. Bhedaghat is additionally known for the Dhuandar Falls (Dhuan implies smoke and Dhar implies stream), a colossal course of water that tumbles from a stature of 98 feet. Drifting in Bhedaghat particularly during the twilight night would without a doubt compensate for an exceptional encounter. The boatmen of these spot are storytellers that will educate you regarding the spot through fascinating stories.

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Bhedaghat , Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 28° C (Avg)

Best Time : Nov- Mar

Ideal duration : 1 Day

How to Reach Bhedaghat ?

  • Indore to Bhedaghat road distance is approx 500 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Bhedaghat from indore is approx 11 Hrs by road.
  • Bhedaghat is a small town and hence does not have an airport or a railway junction of its own. The closest city is jabalpur.

Bhedaghat , Grand Canyon of India

We provide best Indore to Bhedaghat by road packages What with the beautiful, towering marble rocks, Bhedaghat is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of India”. Thus, a boat ride in the river Narmada, to have a view of these beautiful marble rocks is a must. Bhedaghat is known for its marble rock formations which are gigantic and breathtaking when one witness it in real life. From the banks one cannot see the actual formation of the rocks, hence a boat ride in the Narmada is a must. The rocks rise to about a hundred feet on either side soaring and glittering in splendour. The visit to this place is nothing but an out worldly experience which you can only feel and not talk about.

Top places to see in Bhedaghat


Marble Rocks

Dhuandhar Falls

Chausath Yogini Temple

Soapstone Artefacts

Shopping At Bhedaghat

Waterfall View 1

Waterfall View 2

Waterfall View 3

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Reach Bhedaghat in the morning and head to the Chausath Yogini Temple which is dedicated to goddess Durga in Hindu Mythology. It is a climb of 150 steps to reach the temple but the view is spectacular and worth it. After the temple, visit the beautiful Dhuandhar Falls. Rejuvenate along the mighty waterfalls. It is an incredible and calming experience. Save the marble rocks for sunsets as it looks prettier during the sunset from the boat ride.