Indore To Bhairav Kund By Car

We provide best Indore To Bhairav Kund By Car package. Situated in the little town of Nahar Jhabua, near Indore, the Bhairav Kund Waterfall is one of the most loved cookout spots of local people. Encompassing the enchanted cascades are the evergreen backwoods and relieving streams adding to the perfect magnificence. The trek of around 1 hours will start around 11 am and lead you to investigate the Bhairav cascade.To add rush to the undertaking, you will trek for several miles through the slopes and woodlands to reach up to this spot, where you will be welcomed with the captivating perspective on a water stream plunging down from a rough chasm enveloped by lavish greenery. The lofty site of the cascade makes it a perfect spot for photography devotees as well.

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Bhairav Kund, Madhya Pradesh

Weather : 25° C (Avg)

Best Time : Oct – Mar

Ideal duration : 1 – 2 Days

How to Reach Bhairav Kund?

  • Indore to Bhairav Kund road distance is approx 50 Kms.
  • Time required to reach Bhairav Kund from Indore is approx 2 Hrs by road.
  • Bhairav Kund is a waterfall located near small village Jhabua and does not have any railway and bus connectivity or an air transport of its own.
  • The best way to reach Bhiarav kund is to book a car package and use road transport.

Indore To Bhairav Kund, The lovely waterfall

The Bhairav Kund Waterfall is one of the most loved picnic spots of local people. Encompassing the mystical waterfall are the evergreen backwoods and alleviating streams adding to the flawless beauty. The trekking trail that you need to experience to find a workable pace is an undertaking in itself. You will go through slopes and rich green areas to show up at the lofty falls of the cascades. The rocks through which the stream passes by are shrouded in greenery, making the whole setting worth catching, too ass worth all the exertion it will take. Toward the finish of the trek, the experience of washing under the cascade will likewise be a delightful one. Add to that the little impressions that you will get of the numerous winged creatures living in the woods around, and you have the ideal wilderness trekking experience.

Top Places To See In Bhairav Kund


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Start the journey and keep driving until you reach the base of the trek. After a small session of roll calls and a briefing on the Do’s and Dont’s of the trek, the downhill trek will begin. You will arrive at the waterfalls and take in the scenic views of the land gifted by the beauty of a stream flowing through crevices in rocks covered in greenery. Take a moment to pose for some of the most amazing pictures ever before taking your lunch and beginning the return trek.